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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Team C.R.U.D. tries to out do team P.U.K.E.

It appears team CRUD thinks they are all fancy with their animated GIFs and shmanzy purple pineapple team mascot.

Well, take this team CRUD!

And here is out team symbol:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Arizona Trail 100


I've just started mapping out aid stations and trying to determine exactly what the course may look like. It's gonna be fun planning this one out. I hope to put on a fun run this summer or fall on parts of the course.

A little inspiration for you day

Prescott Circle Trail/Prescott 50 Miler

The Prescott Circle Trail is a 50 mile multipurpose nonmotorized trail that makes a circle around Prescott, AZ. I am seriously interested in the possibility of doing a 50 mile organized trail run or race some time in the next few years. The trail is not yet complete, and I am attempting to get a hold of the person in charge to find its current status. From what I can tell, its supposed to be finished by 2011 or 2012.

I hope to scope out the route with fellow PUKErs some time within the year over the course of 3 days. I have seen about 2 miles of the trail and it looks sweet from just that little bit. More to follow eventually...


Posting Machine

The PUKE blog is active and is pumping out new material at such a great rate of speed I might just PUKE.

The PUKE slam

To complete the PUKE slam one must finish the following races between July and August of any year:

UDAM 100 mile (July 4th)
Rim2Rim2Rim on July 28th starting at sunrise and finishing by sunset
>500 miles at Douglas 6 day race (if race is not held in July, you must compete solo)
Thru-Hike the Arizona Trail continuously starting no earlier than August 1st

PUKE slammers will be presented with a commemorative shot glass with which they will celebrate by playing a game of Shots & Ladders.

Entry qualifications: You must finish Pat's Run Tempe barefoot in the same year you are wishing to compete in the slam.

Entry fee: The oldest pair of running shoes you own.

Monday, February 9, 2009

UDAM - More Info

UDAM100 Credentials:
-Highest gains ultra (Barkley + Hardrock + DRTE + Wickham Park)
-Lowest finisher ultra (0)
-Closest name to an expletive without being one (Damn)
-100% Asphalt (100%)
-0% Flat (0%)
-No restrictions on the use of metal spikes (Spikes in yo face!)
-Least relevance to the event it commemorates (Basically zero)

Here is a preliminary course map of one loop of the course:

The entry fee for the run will be $8, and a penny will be refunded to the runner for each successfully completed lap. Because of this, all entries must be paid in pennies, and the runner must carry their refunds with them as they progress along the course or else face disqualification.

Awards - There are two categories in the UDAM100. The first is for runners who complete the entire race. These runners will receive a pizza, a trophy, a pizza trophy, and a half gallon of Extreme Moose Tracks from Safeway. They will also receive the belt buckle depicted in the logo. The second category will be the 1/8 mile (1 loop) wimp out option. This achievement will be commemorated by a photocopy of the race logo with the appropriate distinction engraved.

In order to increase the competitive spirit of the race, runners who have never completed the 100 mile distance will be allowed to trip other competitors once they pass the furthest distance they have previously run.

The run will take place on the 4th of July so we can commemorate the suffering of those who fought for our independence and realize this is nothing like it.

Entry will be determined by the flip of a coin. Heads means you are in, and tails means you are not.

The cutoff for the UDAM100 is 206 hours (Barkley + Hardrock + DRTE + Wickham Park).

Race headquarters will be located at the A.

Qualifications: The qualifications for this race are dynamic, and may change up to the day of the race. You may only start the race if qualified. On the morning of the race when the race starts at the stroke of Midnight, the color of the A will determine the qualifications as follows:
Yellow/Gold - All comers (if you can breathe you can start, and if not, you can still try)
Maroon - You must have run any distance in the past.
Maroon and Gold - You must be wearing ASU attire.
U of A colors - Same as Maroon and Gold, but the A must be repainted Maroon and/or Gold before any laps are counted.
White - Signifying purity, runners must compete barefoot.
Anything Else - Barkley + Hardrock + DRTE + Wickham Park

Any questions can be directed to RD Nick Coury.

Friday, February 6, 2009

UDAM - Up and Down A Mountain

As Jamil mentioned, I have laid out the course for the 100 miler with the most elevation gain in the world. It is called the UDAM, the Up and Down A Mountain ultra. It will be a loop course, consisting of laps up and down the steepest asphalt section of A mountain above ASU in Tempe, AZ. By my preliminary estimates, it will be 8 loops per mile, or 800 loops total. The elevation gain is projected at %@*# HUGE. Since there is food and medical aid every 1/8 mile, the RD will offer no sympathy for runners.

The preliminary logo is already complete. Coincidentally, this is the only known race to contain a comprehensive and detailed corse map within the logo.

More details to follow.

Puke race ideas

We've got some damn good race ideas. Let's get this $@&* on!

I like the concept of an Arizona Trail ultra race. The ideal format would be a point to point 100 miler from Camp Geronimo to Flagstaff. The race would be almost all in the pines except for a stretch above Lake Mary which would be through some juniper forests. The AZT through this section is a mix of beautiful single track and dirt roads. There are many highway crossings a few campgrounds that could serve as aid stations and the course doesn't have a terrible amount of elevation gain. Of course I would be in favor of a shorter race for feasibility purposes and would love to explore the possibilities of organizing a roving AZT ultra that would visit different parts of the trail each year, pending permits.

Nick is the Canal Man and has plenty of race ideas there to last the rest of the century, but has shown some depth with an idea for a Prescott Circle Trail 50 miler which looks to be about the sweetest thing EVER! We will have to get out there and scope out the course with Tomas'.

Nathan needs to submit some ideas ASAP. Just because you are Tillman Man now does not mean you can stop PUKEing.

My dream race would be an AZT non-stop 800 mile relay. Think about a group of friends who run non-stop the length of the state! I think I just ji$$ed in my pants.

I would also love to complete the Bloody Basin / Bloody Moon course some time soon. I do not care one bit about Hole to Hump.

Oh ya, shout out to Nick for conceiving the highest gains 100 miler in the country. He did so just in time to show up the drte race which claims so (even though Barkley beats it).

I want to see Nick and Nathan post some responses or other posts to this blog, because for now it is for our eyes only (FOEO).

The original PUKE ultra. FKA the Hotfoot Hamster.

The original PUKE ultra. FKA the Hotfoot Hamster.
Kachina Relief 12 hour night run. Nick, Jamil, Matt, John, Nathan

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