PUKE (pyk)
Slang - The act of vomiting, hurling, barfing, losing lunch, tossing cookies, ralfing, throwing up, yacking, retching, technicolour yawning, spewing, blowing chunks, and/or other forms of physical illness.
Acronym - Phoenix Ultrarunning Kids & Elders. Old school long distance runners hailing from the Sonoran Desert of central Arizona. Membership requirements: Run long, but don't take it too seriously... seriously. Club symbol: Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Toughest 50K

Lots of talk of the "toughest 50k" out there or the "50k that runs like a 50 mile". Not sure what all the fuss is about cause last time I checked there weren't any 50km races with more climbing than Hardrock. Well, this should settle things:

Avalanche 50K - Silverton, Colorado - Summer 2013

~31.3 miles
~41,650 feet of climbing

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Camelback Marathon

Yes, it's overcrowded, boring, hot, etc, but damn it, we like to puke for various reasons (disgust, over exhaustion, boredom). So, on Friday, August 10th, we will do the first running EVER of the camelback marathon. This race is put on by a rogue group of phantom race directors - the LALAS! Race goes from 9am-3pm. You have as long as it takes for Alexander to go to school to compete the marathon. This is appx. 10 trips over and back camelback (not completely accurate, but close). Figures loosely put this at 20k of elevation gain, but then again, I can't add. Bring your own water, food, etc, and the 1 lb. bag of dried beans for the race fee.

If all goes well, another marathon will begin the following friday called the Thompson Peak (fuck you) Marathon.

Thank you, and carry on.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Avalanche 100

In the spirit of all things difficult and nearly impossible, we are proud to announce the toughest footrace on the planet, or the race across the sky, or the race that eats its young, or probably just about the stupidest thing you can dream up in the name of toughness or insanity. This is simply the toughest damn thing we could think of. This race will blow Barkley and Nolan's 14 and Wickham Park out of the water.

We are talking:
100 Miles
116,188 feet of climbing (and same amount of descent)
Course low point of 9,318 feet
Course high point of 13,066 feet
Projected course record of 72 hours
Cutoff of 144 hours
45% grade
31 round trips to the top of Kendall Mountain
Course is a combination avalanche chute / boulder scramble

This is the Avalanche 100. Nut up or shut up. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sasquatch Sighting

PUKE runners recently spotted a large hairy elusive creature in the foothills of the Mazatzal mountains. The creature seemed to be quite fond of human "interaction" and even allowed a photo op. Any other sightings out there?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Message Testing

Runner Name Message Mail Sent From
568 Nick Coury Nice shorts dude. Zach Gingerich
567 Jamil Coury Manny ate my shoes again. Dave James
567 Jamil Coury Bananas and Dates DR
34 James Bonnett I love you James! Jordyn
888 Roger Wrublik Let me run with you. Frank
223 Kat Metzger Go Kat! Josh
567 Jamil Coury Beyon Yiannis
567 Jamil Coury Dude, throw some crocs in the gas tank and drive on up to Flagstaff. The snow sucks sure but you'll be hanging with me and Z so it can't be too bad right? Torrence
34 James Bonnett Get moving kid! Paul Bonnett
234 Nathan Coury Gotta get up and run! Stafford
234 Nathan Coury Run ultras Nate. Jamil

Monday, December 12, 2011

McDowell Road Man

The lonely figure emerges
Sometimes seen below the White Tanks
Other times a curious glance at Pass Mountain
The traveler explores a one dimensional existence

Comforted by the familiar shadow of the interstate
He watches others cross his home
Wondering how he will cross
The fissure known as the Salado

The McDowell Road Man continues on

Monday, September 12, 2011

Silverton 1000 - Where real runners run

Team PUKE shot this video footage at the Silverton 1000.  As Gavin Wrublik would say: "Nut up, or shut up". Oh and don't mind the old man sleeping on the cot at the end of the video, he just needed a quick cat nap.

The original PUKE ultra. FKA the Hotfoot Hamster.

The original PUKE ultra. FKA the Hotfoot Hamster.
Kachina Relief 12 hour night run. Nick, Jamil, Matt, John, Nathan

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