PUKE (pyk)
Slang - The act of vomiting, hurling, barfing, losing lunch, tossing cookies, ralfing, throwing up, yacking, retching, technicolour yawning, spewing, blowing chunks, and/or other forms of physical illness.
Acronym - Phoenix Ultrarunning Kids & Elders. Old school long distance runners hailing from the Sonoran Desert of central Arizona. Membership requirements: Run long, but don't take it too seriously... seriously. Club symbol: Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 PUKE Race Series

The following races are scheduled to be a part of the 2011 PUKE race series:

Chipotle Mile - Half a burrito before each lap.  You can't PUKE until you're done, or you're DQed.

Chipotle Trifecta - Starting at the PUKE headquarters, run to three different Chipotles and consume a burrito at each before leaving for the next one, ending back at HQ.  No PUKEing allowed.

The Chubby Fruitarian - Complete 26.2 miles and consume 26.2 bananas.

The UDAM Zach Gingerich Memorial Run - After Zach retires, complete the UDAM wearing basketball shorts covering the knees, Lunaracers without socks, and consuming only diet coke and candy.  Training must be done exclusively on a treadmill.

Chipotle burritos must be vegetarian burritos with rice and beans, fajitas veggies, minimum one salsa, guacamole, and lettuce.  Bananas must weigh a minimum average of 100 grams.

We are excited to host this prestigious race series, and look forward to the steep competition it will attract!

1 comment:

b2theburns said...

sounds like fun but it may ruin my love of chipotle

The original PUKE ultra. FKA the Hotfoot Hamster.

The original PUKE ultra. FKA the Hotfoot Hamster.
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